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Playa Montroig raises more than 85,000 euros in a decade for UNICEF's ''Hoteles Amigos'' campaign

Playa Montroig Camping Resort has raised more than 85,000 euros in the ten years that it has been collaborating with UNICEF's 'Hoteles Amigos' campaign, a programme that protects children's rights. This year the project is once again fighting against the lack of drinking water in the areas most affected by global warming, such as droughts, floods, storms and heat waves. This year 2022, the Tarragona campsite has raised more than €7,400.

For a decade, Playa Montroig Camping Resort has been committed to the ''Hoteles Amigos'' project. We were the first campsite in Spain to join a solidarity campaign of this size, acquiring a commitment of solidarity to improve the welfare of children in such situations. This is demonstrated by the collection of this decade, which exceeds 85,000 euros raised, which have been allocated to various social causes in favour of children, thanks to the unquestionable and selfless help of each one of you.

The aim of this year's campaign is to promote aid for children who find themselves in situations of water shortage. UNICEF Spain estimates that 530 million children live in countries at high risk of flooding, 270 million live in countries with limited access to sanitation, and more than 100 million live in countries with little. For this reason, with the sum raised by all the institutions involved in the project, UNICEF aims to increase the supply of drinking water, make water drinkable in the most affected regions and build water systems that can withstand the unfavourable phenomena of climate change.

Since its beginnings, Playa Montroig Camping Resort has always shown the importance it attaches to the wellbeing of children. It demonstrates this with a weekly programme of activities focused on the little ones; or with facilities aimed at children such as the Splash Pool, one of the largest aquatic resorts for campsites in Europe, shallow and with dozens of games, as well as vital services such as a specialist in paediatrics working in the establishment.

Alejandro Giménez, the director of the campsite and on behalf of the whole team, says, "We are proud to celebrate a decade of being part of the UNICEF Friendly Hotels project, and it is important that establishments get involved in these charitable causes to help one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, children. The €85,000 we have raised thanks to our customers has helped several causes of which we are proud and we do not intend to stop here, next season we will continue in the Hoteles Amigos programme to continue breaking barriers and helping".

We count on you to continue collaborating and showing that any contribution is of great help.

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"Best Located Campsite in Spain" in the ACSI Awards

- The resort has been chosen, thanks to the votes of its customers, as the best located Spanish campsite in the country, due to its privileged location next to a kilometer-long beach. - Last year, this same association already recognized the accommodation as the best campsite in the country.



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