Prices / Conditions 2023




Conditions valid for reservations made before 01/03/2023



1.1.  The plot will be available from 13:00h on the day of arrival. To guarantee the rest of our clients, it is not allowed to enter after 22:00h. For later arrivals, we provide an enabled zone to spend the night.

1.2.  The departure must be before 12:00h, having removed all personal belongings and residual elements.

1.3.  Maximum 6 people per plot.

1.4.  Plot prices include 2 adults + 1 caravan, tent or motorhome + 1 car or motorbike + 10% V.A.T.

1.5.  The season offers strictly include the titular couple with their children. The client, when making the contract, acquires the commitment to read the specific conditions of the season offers and the internal regulations of Playa Montroig, meaning that with the payment the conditions and regulations are accepted. The client must provide a list with the names and degree of kinship of the companions before being able to access Playa Montroig.

1.6.  Depending on the type and distribution of the trees on the plots, it’s recommended to measure the caravans or motorhomes to be installed. For caravans and motorhomes of larger dimensions it is necessary to contact the reservations department to confirm availability.

1.7.  The client may request a specific plot number that will be assigned and confirmed. However, the campsite reserves the right to modify the assigned plot by replacing it by another of the same category due to organizational circumstances or force majeure. For stays of less than 7 nights the plot assignment is not available.

1.8.  From 01/07 to 02/09 the stays in Premium Plus plots will be from Saturday to Saturday.

1.9.  In certain periods, Playa Montroig reserves the right to apply minimum stays.



2.1.  The accommodation will be available for the client from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.

2.2.  The departure must be before 11:00 on the day of departure.

Upon arrival, a deposit of 100 Euros must be left at the reception. In case of leaving the deposit by card, the return will be made up to maximum 7 days after the departure day.

2.4.  Prices include weekly change of bedlinen and cleaning.

2.5.  The number of people admitted, published on our website, is governed by the capacity of the bungalow model.

2.6.  Stays of less than 3 nights will have an additional charge of 25 euros for cleaning.

2.7.  From 01/07 to 02/09 the stays on bungalows will be from Saturday to Saturday.



3.1 Amount of the prepayment for stays out of high season (from 24/03 to 04/07 and from 31/08 to 22/10):

For all categories of pitches and bungalows: 200 euros

3.2 Amount of the prepayment for stays in high season (from 05/07 to 30/08):

For the categories of pitches Standard, Standard Classic, Standard Deluxe: 200 euros

For Premium Classic, Premium Deluxe, Premium Plus pitches, bungalows and seasonal offers:

25% of the total for requests received before 31/12/2022

50% of the total for requests received after 01/01/2023

3.3.  In case of hiring bungalows or Premium Plus pitches the remaining amount due must be paid (tourist tax included) at least 45 days before the day of arrival. This payment must be made through the online check-in option that will be sent to the email communicated in the hiring request. In case the payment is not arranged, the contract will be cancelled according to the cancellation conditions.

3.4.  For the rest of the hiring, the remaining amount of the payment (tourist tax included) must be effectuated at the reception on the day of arrival or in order to expedite the check-in process, a few days before using the online check-in system. This check-in system will be sent to the email communicated in the hiring request and will be operational from reception until 48h before the day of arrival.



4.1 During the season and until October 15, advance contracts may be made for the 2023 season. For the formalization, the correspondent application must be completed and the amount of 200 euros must be paid. The final price of the site will be informed from October 15 by sending the contract request via email. The hiring will be considered confirmed once the remaining amount of the prepayment has been received. In case of modification, cancellation or non-fulfilment of the planned payments, the anticipated contracts will be subject to the conditions of modification and / or cancellation.



5.1.  Playa Montroig Camping Resort reserves the right to change prices at any time prior to the confirmation of the contract.

5.2.  The price is based on the information provided by the client himself. The confirmed price is guaranteed as long as no modification of dates, category or items subject to rate initially contracted and explicitly indicated in the confirmation is made. Any subsequent modification by the client may involve a modification of the price of the stay.

5.3.  The information offered through the website of the Camping, via email or telephone on prices fulfils an indicative function and will not be binding, nor has contractual value. Only the contract confirmation sent by email is binding.

5.4.  Tourist tax not included: Adults from 16 years € 0,66 per night and for a maximum of 7 nights (amount subject to regulations by the competent authorities).



6.1.  Any modification of the contract must be requested by the owner of the contract via the email [email protected]. The modification request will be inspected by the reservation team and they will answer per email if the modification has been accepted.

6.2.  Modifications of dates of the stay or of the category that suppose a reduction in the value of the contracted stay will only be accepted 45 days before the date of arrival and will suppose an administrative cost of 30 Euros. In case of an increase of the amount of the stay, it will require a payment of the difference in advance.

6.3.  Any modification of the dates of the contracted stay or of the category of accommodation or items subject to rate implies the application of the price in force at the time of the modification.

6.4.  The decision of the client not to use the time of the contracted stay will not entitle any refund or compensation of the paid price.



7.1.  Any cancellation of the contract must be requested per email and by the holder of the contract to the email [email protected]. When requesting the cancellation of the contract you will be sent a form that must be completed and signed by the holder of the reservation.

7.2.  Any cancellation form received more than 45 days before the date of arrival contracted will result in the return of the total of the anticipated amount less 50 Euros for administrative expenses.

7.3.  Any cancellation form received less than 45 days before the date of arrival contracted will result in the loss of the total paid amount.



8.1.  Any person wishing to access the Resort, not declared once the check-in is completed, is considered a visitor.

8.2.  Only visits to clients staying at the campsite are allowed.

8.3.  For security reasons, all visitors must register at the reception accompanied by the reservation holder to authorize the visit.

8.4.  The maximum number of people in the bungalows or plots is applied considering the visits.

8.5.  Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

8.6.  Any visit must pass by reception to notify your departure from Camping Resort.



9.1.  The client by making a contract acquires the commitment to read the conditions of hiring and internal regulations of the camping resort, meaning the payment of the advance acceptance of them.

9.2.  In case of new hiring or modification of an existing one, an email will be sent that will include all the details of the stay and replace if there was any previous one. It is the client's responsibility to verify the information, and in case of error, notify it immediately to [email protected]. In case of not receiving such information, please contact us within a maximum period of 5 days from the date of the request.

9.3.  The contract is personal and non-transferable.

9.4.  Pets are not allowed.

9.5.  In no case may the plot be occupied by people if the holder or his partner is not present

9.6.  Any variation of people or other concepts must be informed at the same time of entry at the reception. In case of knowledge that a person or vehicle has not been registered, the client will be charged from the beginning of the stay. A decrease in registered persons or vehicles will only be applied from the moment it is notified at the reception giving the corresponding bracelet or sticker.

9.7.  The Directorate reserves the right to open and / or close areas depending on the occupation without prior notice.

9.8.  In case of delay on the day of arrival, the stay will be maintained until the balance delivered on account is exhausted and for a maximum of 48 hours if a written notification is received at [email protected]. If not notified, it will be considered a cancellation of hiring at 12 A.M the day after the expected arrival.

9.9.  It is mandatory for any customer, companion or visitor to wear the bracelet on the wrist on site and throughout the stay.

9.10.  It is mandatory to have the control sticker in the car in a visible place at all time.

9.11.  The Directorate is not responsible for the subtraction of personal objects on site. For this reason, it offers customers safe deposit boxes at the reception.

9.12. The Directorate reserves the right to modify schedules during the season, as well as proceed to the closing of facilities without prior notice.

9.13.  During your stay, it is possible that phytosanitary treatments and pesticides are carried out to control pests.

9.14.  The Directorate will not be responsible for possible damage to electrical or electronic devices that have been damaged in the Camping Resort facilities.

9.15.  The Directorate will not be responsible for possible incidents that may occur as a result of inappropriate behaviour of other clients.

9.16.  Do not forget to contract a cancellation insurance.


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