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Los clientes ‘veteranos’ ratifican la calidad de Playa Montroig en el verano con Covid-19

Mont-roig del Camp, October 2020 - Playa Montroig Camping Resort has asked 32 of its most loyal customers - they total 11 to 44 consecutive years staying at the campsite - about their degree of satisfaction with the services in this unusual summer. The survey consisted of thirteen questions scored from 1 to 10, related to the management of the Coronavirus and general aspects of the establishment.

Guests have approved Playa Montroig Camping Resort with more than a 9 average score in 7 of the 13 questions in the survey being measured by the Covid-19 (9.53), general experience in this atypical year (9.19 ) and service at reception (9.06) the best rated. Family facilities, accommodation (bungalows) and sports facilities, follow closely, without losing the excellent.

In relation to the protocols to prevent the Coronavirus, which was the great unknown of the season, the best family camping in Europe has exceeded them with a note, according to its customers. In fact, the first and third highest rated questions are directly related to the pandemic: the campers have been satisfied with all the measures that were taken and with the overall experience this year, despite the circumstances.

Among the hygiene and safety protocols that the campsite has established, the installation of protection screens in reception, supermarkets and restaurants stands out; installation of dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels; signage in all its facilities and dependencies; use of virucidal products; use of the APP to remind all customers of the security measures; specific training for workers or the extension of the take away service.

The manager of the resort, Alejandro Giménez, has stated that “receiving such positive comments in a year that has been very difficult makes us extremely satisfied. We owe it to our clients and we are very grateful to them for placing their trust in us in such an unusual year. That a person comes 30 or 44 years in a row to our campsite and continues to be so pleased with us, is a real pride. Our daily mission is to exceed customer expectations and thanks to the involvement of our entire team we have succeeded ”.


The most atypical camping season of Tarragona ends

With these good notes from its main ambassadors, the campers, Playa Montroig Camping Resort will close this year - the most anomalous and shortest in history - on October 25. The resort has been open throughout October and has opted to celebrate the end of season with the Halloween party, a bet that has been respected in recent seasons, given that it had worked well for the low season. The average occupancy for the entire season - which began on June 12 - stands at 41%, and the highest occupancy peak was during the Diada bridge (September 11), with practically half of the campsite full.


Home tourism once again leads the stays

In this atypical year, the Spanish have once again been the nationality that has visited Playa Montroig Camping Resort the most, accounting for 70% of the total nights booked. The communities of Catalonia, Aragon, Madrid and the Basque Country are the ones that lead this particular ranking. The Spanish are followed by the Dutch, Germans, French and Belgians. In fact, the latter are the nationality that has changed the least in its presence in the resort compared to last year (-0.5%).

The average scores of the survey between nationalities are very even, although it is worth noting that those from Belgium have scored the highest (8.6) and those from the United Kingdom have been the most demanding, obtaining an average of 8.2. Spaniards are 8.5.

According to the survey, the categories most valued by Spaniards are the measures applied by Playa Montroig, followed by the general assessment in this atypical year and children's attractions, such as the Splash Pool (the biggest water resort in Europe), children parks and activities for the little ones. In addition, the management has detected that they appreciate the Safe Tourism Certified seal more, which obtains a mark of 9.06, when the average is 8.47.



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